WP Institutes LEAD Program

WP Institutes LEAD Program

 Woodland Park Police Officer Derrick Morrison and Officer Omaira Carino, with Chief Eileen Tiernan (center) recently underwent training to become LEAD program instructors.

 The Woodland Park Police Department has brought back law enforcement led education in the local school district. Officers Omaira Carino and Derrick Morrison recently underwent training to become LEAD program instructors. They were recently recognized at a LEAD dinner gala with others that trained throughout the region.

LEAD – Law Enforcement Against Drugs – is a new program, similar to now defunct DARE program. In addition to the classroom elements, the LEAD program includes on-the-street services as well, including sensitivity training for officers in how to deal with addicts. LEAD is the only K-12 proven-evidence based curricula taught in the U.S. by police officers and educators.

Starting in January, Officer Carino will launch the 10-week K-8 Too Good for Drugs curricula for fourth grade students at Beatrice Gilmore School and Officer Morrison will run the program for eighth grade students at Memorial Middle School. Both are eager to share what they have learned with the students.

Too Good for Drugs puts social and emotional learning to work through fun and interactive lessons, building the self-confidence young people need to make healthy choices and achieve success. Lessons focus on goal setting, decision-making, anger management, conflict resolution, peer-pressure refusal and more. The lessons let students learn, practice and master these essential life skills.​


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