Woodland Park Junior Police Academy Celebrates Graduation

Woodland Park Junior Police Academy Celebrates Graduation

The Woodland Park Police Department recently graduated its 2019 Junior Police Academy class.


The week-long academy was held at the American Legion Post #238, which donated its space for the event. The cadets were provided daily lunch, a uniform shirt and shorts, hat, and water bottle.


Twenty-one boys and girls age 11 to 14 took part in the second annual event, aimed at providing youth a deeper understanding and appreciation of law enforcement. The academy was offered free of charge.


The recruits visited the State Police museum, watched a police helicopter land on Memorial Field, learned about sacrifice from veterans from American Legion Post 238, visited the jail and listened to inmates’ journeys as well as officer’s stories, discovered the meaning of discipline, interacted with special positions officers, specifically K9 officers, bomb response units and detective units, toured the police department, met the chief, made new friends and more.


“What I want you to remember about this week is the brotherhood,” Police Chief Eileen Tiernan told the cadets at their graduation ceremony, “You had each other’s backs. And you will always have each other’s backs.”


Led under the instruction of Officer Rosario, the cadets received a certificate of completion and badge from Chief Tiernan. Lt. Erik Luker noted that the Academy could not have happened without the support of the Department.


“This is 100 percent a team effort,” he noted. “Every member of this Department helped make this a success.”

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