West Paterson Fire Department Beginning Fundraising for New Firehouse

West Paterson Fire Department Company #3, serving the Borough of Woodland Park, is working to raise funds to construct a new firehouse. Treasurer Jim Frain said that the goal is to demolish the current building at 357 Rifle Camp Rd. and replace it with a four-bay firehouse. The building has been pieced together over the last century.

The original firehouse on the site was a barn, in the current space of the firehouse hall. The Company added on the current two bays to the right. The building has four boilers and is extremely energy inefficient, Frain said. The energy bills in the winter are exorbitant. 

In addition, every few years, the Company has to re-coat the flat roof due to puddles and leaks.  

The Company does not use all the current space it has, as the hall is in poor shape and lack of parking does not allow large gatherings or rentals. More storage space is needed for trucks, Frain noted, including the department’s antiques. The Company envisions the new space having four bays, a member’s room, kitchen and some offices. There would not be a hall in the new building. 

The Company over the last number of years has collected money from cellular companies who rent space on the cell tower on the property and those funds have been earmarked for the new building.

“We approached Anthony (Colandro, of Guns for Hire/Woodland Park Range) and he was very excited to get involved,” Frain said. 

Colandro built and paid for a custom AR-9 gun that is being used in a contest at the Range, located at 1267 McBride Ave., called “Raise the Roof.” Customers can come shoot the AR-9 for a donation to the Fire Company of $20 for five shots. No skill is required, as scoring is based on a target with hidden playing cards. The winner will win the trophy gun, valued at $1,200, or two GFH Gold memberships

The Range is also looking for corporate/personal sponsors for the firehouse. Their name/logo will be displayed on a printed plaque at Gun For Hire, on its website and at the firehouse. 

In addition, Fire Co. #3 is planning a fundraising Purse Bingo in April. Details will be available shortly. 

It’s estimated by the Fire Co. #3 that the new firehouse would cost about $1.3 million to construct. Frain said the project is likely about five years out, unless a significant amount of money is raised earlier.


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