Vision is more than just eyes with Little Falls’ Optometry Office of Dr. Anthony J Boni OD and Dr. Alicia N Dorman OD/PA

Vision is more than just eyes with Little Falls’ Optometry Office of Dr. Anthony J Boni OD and Dr. Alicia N Dorman OD/PA

By Dawn M Chiossi

    Eyes are the windows to the soul, so the saying goes. People’s eyes are one of the most important senses that they can possess. Even without realizing it, the minute people open them, eyes drink in everything. They capture every detail, every scene, every single second of people’s lives. The eyes can recognize sights as beautiful as a sunset, the smiling face of a loved one, the joyous welcoming of a tail-wagging pet, or a favorite movie. The eyes can take in sights to be careful and cautious such as when seeing lightning, a steep drop off, or a fire. The eyes record so many details, they are our camera to the rest of the world, allowing people to see the world in bright, vivid hues.

    People have only one pair of eyes for their whole lifetime, it is vitally important to take good care them and that includes going to the eye doctor. An eye exam is much more than reading a chart, or eye drops, it’s about keeping eyes healthy and strong, so they will last for a whole lifetime.

    Put your vision and your eyes into the hands of a doctor that cares. The optometrist’s office of Dr. Anthony J Boni OD and Dr. Alicia N Dorman OD/PA is one such example. Located on 245 Paterson Avenue in Little Falls, this optometrist’s office has been in operation since 1971.

    In all that time, many people have trusted their vision to these doctors. The practice has gone through a journey of its own when Dr. Boni passed away suddenly in 1993.

 “When Dr. Boni passed away, Dr. Dorman wasn’t sure if she should keep the practice or not,” Trish Cashman shares. “But the outpouring from the community inspired her to continue.”

    But the former doctor and his legacy wasn’t forgotten. “He was so well known in the community that his name remained as part of the corporate name as it is known today,” she explains.  

     At that time Dorman became President/Owner of the practice and has been taking care of eyes and people’s vision for 28 years.

    Growing up in Hamden Connecticut and obtaining her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Sciences from University of Connecticut, Dorman earned her degree in Optometry from The New England College of Optometry in 1991.


    The staff of the Little Falls practice consists of three doctors, three opticians, four receptionists, two insurance claim specialists, and one controller. “Richard M Lyons Jr. is the Vice President of the corporation, a licensed Optician, and assists Dr. Dorman in the daily operations of the business,” Cashman says. “He also runs the on-site lab where most of the glasses are made.”

    Specializing in providing comprehensive eye examinations, the practice also offers contact lenses fittings, diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, and treats emergencies. Additionally, there’s an on-site lab where they make glasses, helping people choose just the right ones.

    No matter the issue, patients, and their eyes are in good hands with the optometrist office of Dr. Boni and Dorman.


     “We have always run this business as a family for both employees and patients,” enthuses Cashman. “Everyone is treated as part of our family.”

    With four other locations in New Jersey and one in Yonkers, New York, the Little Falls location of Boni and Dorman makes all the glasses for these locations and also handles all of the office billing.

    Seeing approximately 40 to 50 patients per week, Dorman mostly practices routine eye care but also co-manages cataract surgery patients and glaucoma patients.

     According to Cashman, Dr. Dorman is a true healer. “Her favorite thing is interacting with different patients and cases each day, providing quality eye care at affordable prices so that families will come back for generations,” she shares.


   In aspiring to help patients to see better, and diagnosing their diseases, Dorman also watches over their recuperation process. All to give them the time, attention, and interpersonal connection to ensure good health.

    Sharing that generous spirit is something that Dorman and the rest of the Ophthalmology practice brings to the community as well. Going beyond just helping their own patients, they are giving their voices, time, energies and talents to others.


“We recently joined Little Falls Biz, which provides local businesses with networking, education and growth opportunities,” Cashman relates.  “We have participated in many of their events which gives us an opportunity to interact with the Little Falls population and educate them about our practice. We hope to grow as the community grows.”

    Additionally, they recently celebrated World Autism Day on April 2nd.  The staff outfitted themselves in blue shirts and jeans to light it up for Autism awareness and to raise money for such a worthwhile cause.

    People were invited to stop in for special discounts on any blue frames purchased. In addition, a raffle was held. For the purchase of a $20.00 Autism Awareness T shirt, participants were entered into the raffle. All proceeds went to benefit the special needs programs in the Little Falls School District.


    “We raised approximately around $400 dollars selling T shirts, bracelets and ribbons,” Cashman enthuses. “This cause is special to us because one of our employees has an autistic son who attends the school district.”

    Putting their energies to help on a larger level, the practice has also participated in the Little Falls Green Fair, where they displayed their environment-friendly frames for eyeglasses because every little bit helps when trying to save the planet.


 For the Little Falls office of Dr. Anthony J Boni OD and Dr. Alicia N Dorman OD/PA, vision is more than just eyes. Hours for the office are Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    For further information, details, or to make an appointment, please contact 973-785-3277.


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