Tiki Bowls Totowa – Fresh and Fun Food

Tiki Bowls Totowa – Fresh and Fun Food

By: Melissa A. Kay


With the warmer weather making the season light and bright, eating healthy makes the months more “swimsuit friendly,” so to speak. Freshness and flavor are the very best ways to do so, meaning there is no skimping on what is satisfying when it comes to scrumptious meals and snacks. Because feeling deprived is a definite downer, Tiki Bowls Totowa is making it their mission to provide local customers with something they crave, while managing to make every menu item guilt-free, but great.

Tiki Bowls originated in Nutley in August 2016, and there is also another Tiki Bowls location in East Hanover. The Totowa-based Tiki Bowls which opened in November 2018 takes inspiration from the other two spots while bringing a unique “beachy” feel to the premises front and center. With extra outdoor seating, customers can enjoy the nice weather and their Tiki Bowl order simultaneously. Call it “al fresco freshness,” if you will.

Speaking of Tiki Bowl orders, all food is prepared fresh and fast on the premises, so health-minded customers can be sure their food is always at its peak. The bulk of the Tiki Bowls menu is made up of their signature bowls, and sip-worthy smoothies and freshly chilled juices are served as well. One of the owners, Jamie Alessio, who has partnered with her mother Nancy Alessio as well as the Trentacost family shares that the most popular Tiki Bowls items are their acai bowls, the best seller of the bunch being the “Sunset Bowl,” made up of their special acai blend base, crunchy blueberry flax granola, fresh ripe strawberries, bananas, coconut chips, and topped with a drizzle of Nutella…because, why not?! There are other delicious acai bowls to select from, all filled to the brim with fresh fruits and other sweet and satisfying wholesome ingredients. The coconut, kale, and pitaya bowls are just as amazing, high in fiber and filled with the same kind of freshness Tiki Bowls promises. As far as their smoothies go, one of the most popular is the “Jacked” smoothie, a rich and thick blend of banana, peanut butter, almond milk, and chocolate protein. Sure beats the sugary drive-thru alternatives. And the fresh juices are just as drinkable, with island-inspired blends that are 100% all-natural in nature. Kids and adults alike are amazed at how every Tiki Bowls menu item is so nutritious and tasty too. It’s far better than junk food but equally addictive! Affordable too.

One important notion that the entire Tiki Bowls team takes to heart is being able to offer something for everyone, particularly if they have any dietary limitations or preferences. There are gluten-free options like their gluten-free granola, as well as a number of vegan selections, allowing as many area folks as possible to take part in jumping on the Tiki Bowls bandwagon. “Our family and I will cater to (our customers’) needs,” explains Alessio. Additionally, the business is family-owned and operated, meaning a friendly and focused hands-on staff is always available, serving customers just like they’re family. Alessio says, “One of us are always around to be sure our store is running smoothly.” It is that warm and welcoming feeling that keeps people coming back to Tiki Bowls regularly…although the fantastic food itself would be reason enough! The talented team is just the cherry on top.

The success already seen and continuing to flourish at Tiki Bowls Totowa is a sure sign that this summer and the seasons thereafter will be fruitful (pun intended!). “We are looking to possibly open new locations in the future and franchise our name for those interested,” Alessio shares with a smile. As word continues to spread as to how impressive and interesting Tiki Bowls is and continues to become, it is a sure bet that more locations will spring up soon, satisfying more mouths with that tremendous Tiki Bowls taste. “I want the community to know that we love positive feedback!” Alessio exclaims. And they are surely getting plenty of it.

For those who love Tiki Bowls enough to celebrate the fact, this is actually something that can be done. Tiki Bowls will provide catering for parties and events of varying sizes, allowing for larger groups to get in on the acai (and more) action. We have all consumed plenty of the same-old “been there, done that” party fare, so the fresh twist that Tiki Bowls will bring to a celebration is sure to please health nuts and foodies alike. Pizza pies or burgers and fries are no match for what Tiki Bowls can do to power up a party!

For a quaint and casual atmosphere and a smart selection of menu items to choose from, Tiki Bowls Totowa is sure to be the go-to healthy hot spot this summer and for years to come. Friendliness paired with freshness is a match that can’t be made better, and the refreshing nature of the Tiki Bowls’ menu items are what makes mouths water. If you have not stopped in and tried what Tiki Bowls Totowa is serving up yet, what are you waiting for? Once you finally discover how purity and freshness makes such a difference in easy, breezy dining, pre-packaged foods will be a thing of the past. You’ll be bowled over in more ways than one when you experience your first taste of Tiki Bowls!

Visit Tiki Bowls Totowa at 534 Union Boulevard, Totowa. Tiki Bowls can be reached at (973) 689-6868. Hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday: 10 a.m. – 9 p.m., Friday through Saturday: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


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