The Sabbak Twins: Siblings Who Succeed

The Sabbak Twins: Siblings Who Succeed

Jocelyn Martinez ’19

Passaic Valley is home to numerous sets of successful twins. A particular pair that have been contributing members of the Passaic Valley community since the beginning of their freshman year are the Sabbak twins: Gregory Sabbak ’19 and Melissa Sabbak ’19. 

The Sabbak twins were born and raised in Little Falls and attended elementary and middle school in town all the way to high school. Both Greg and Melissa have been influenced by their alumni family members to participate in extracurricular activities. Greg, who is currently a captain of the Varsity Wrestling Team, has been involved in this sport since the age of four. Melissa, who is a member of the Varsity Gymnastics Team, has devoted a lot of her time to the art since she was four years old as well. The Sabbak twins’ mentors aided them a lot in surviving these years of hard work and dedication. “My coaches taught me discipline and helped push me to perform my best throughout the season,” stated Melissa. 

The sports that Melissa and Greg are involved in are not easy, for they require a lot of work during their off seasons. As a result, the Sabbak twins make sure to improve upon their skills and abilities even when they are not officially practicing for their teams. “I try to stay conditioned and make sure to get myself into the gym as many days throughout the week as I can,” said Melissa.

Although Melissa and Greg live extremely busy lives due to their school work, activities, and the college application process, they both try to allot some leisure time during the day. “In my free time, I love to get out of the house and see my friends once in a while,” Melissa said. 

Greg, on the other hand, uses his free time for his various financial endeavors. “In my free time, I usually focus on running my own businesses as well as trading stocks,” declared Greg.

Both Greg and Melissa have achieved many accomplishments throughout their four years at Passaic Valley. “I have over ninety wins and I am determined to achieve one-hundred wins by the end of the current wrestling season,” stated Greg. 

The Sabbak twins’ determination and willpower have allowed them to plan on pursuing a successful future, though their specific plans differ. Melissa is set on where she desires to attend college next year:  Montclair State University. Greg is still weighing his potential options. “I have been offered scholarships to multiple schools, but I have not committed to any for academics or wrestling yet,” said Greg.

Melissa and Greg are actually the younger siblings of Passaic Valley alumnus, Jennifer Sabbak ’17. Growing up with a twin brother or sister along with an older sibling can have a big effect on the course of one’s life, and this definitely was the case with the Sabbak twins. “I find it very comforting being a twin because someone always has your back,” voiced Melissa. “My older sister is my best friend, she has served as an amazing role model throughout my life.”

Being the only boy in the family, Greg is also influenced by his two female siblings. “Growing up with Melissa and Jen has kept me on a straight line in order to be a good male role model to my sisters,” remarked Greg. 

The Sabbak twins have made an outstanding mark during their years at Passaic Valley, and they are determined to do the same wherever they end up in the future.


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