The Fisher Group Has Your Back for Home Buying and Selling

The Fisher Group Has Your Back for Home Buying and Selling

By: Melissa A. Kay


Four driven and dynamic women make up Mountain Lakes’ Coldwell Banker’s The Fisher Group. These women – Anne Fisher, Anna-Jane De Grossi, Kathy Henning, and Marsi Richter have each been in the real estate business for 15+ years, calling Morris County their hub while they also extend into the West Essex and Bergen areas. Fisher and De Grossi teamed up in 2013 and The Fisher Group was formed with the addition of Henning and Richter who had been at the Coldwell Banker office in Mountain Lakes for years prior. The Fisher Group belongs to two of the largest MLS’ – Garden State and New Jersey. As a team, The Fisher Group has been ranked 16 out of 25 large teams of Coldwell Banker as of June 2019. The all-female foursome is dedicated to their clients, seeing that their expectations are surpassed and everyone walks away with a smile.

As per Fisher, “We strive to be (our clients’) best advocates, whether they are buyers or sellers, first-time buyers or empty nesters who want to downsize, new to the area or just moving within their town. We also work with relocation companies – we fully assist in introducing out-of-state buyers to the new lifestyle, and make the seller’s transition as smooth as possible. Our clients become our friends and we work with them far after they have bought or sold, helping them become familiar with their new town.”

Before getting into the real estate business, Fisher owned a direct mail marketing company as well as two women’s gyms in Denville and Rockaway Township. This experience gave her the know-how to embark on a new career in real estate using the tools and skills she obtained during that time. De Grossi became interested in real estate when she and her family were relocated from Europe to New Jersey. The agent she met when her family moved to their new home impressed her with his professionalism, knowledge, and guidance, and she decided that she’d embark on this exciting career. Henning and her husband have been involved in a number of renovation and building projects over the years and this led her to help others find their new residences. As for Richter, her background in real estate lending and marketing made for a smooth transition into selling residential real estate. Their combined backgrounds formed the perfect team as they rely on one another’s strengths to achieve anything they set their minds to. 

The Fisher Group enjoys forming relationships with their clients as they make this incredible adjustment in their lives by selling or moving into a new home. Fisher says, “We love becoming a fundamental part of their lives when making such an important decision. It is a privilege to assist them.” Seeing happy clients settle and thrive in their new community is what makes their jobs so fulfilling.

While the overall experience is exceptional, lots of hours and hard work go into making The Fisher Group so fantastic. That said, challenges along the way are par for the course. As Fisher explains, “Tension and stress are often part of the process – it’s human nature. This is when we have to remind all parties that this is teamwork. Dealing with inspection issues, appraisals, financing, etc. all add to the pressure and can create challenging situations.” But the team pulls together and tackles these tedious to-dos with confidence and clarity. In the end, everyone achieves and clients are ultimately impressed.

All four women live in Morris County and have raised their children there, so they are familiar with the schools, shopping, restaurants, parks, attractions, and so on. This firsthand knowledge makes them well-educated as they advise their clients about the community. Fisher loves the area and comments, “Morris County is very attractive from many points of view. There is something for everyone – convenient for commuters, well ranked school systems, art and culture at your fingertips, outdoor life galore, easy access to professional sports, plus great transportation, shopping and medical care. It has it all!” This makes for some eye-catching photography the team shares with their social media followers.

The go-getting group continues to work together to help people make their real estate dreams a reality. As Fisher puts it, “A home is just that…a home. The best types of homes to sell are the ones that show well and are priced right! The best type of home to buy is the one that speaks to the buyer from the minute they walk in the door.” Simple, straightforward, and smart. It’s no wonder these women are real estate experts. 

To reach The Fisher Group, call (973) 263-0400 (office) or (201) 602-1304 (cell). You can email Anne Fisher at

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