Spring Blood Drive Sets Record for Amount of Donations

Spring Blood Drive Sets Record for Amount of Donations

Maryam Ahmed ’19 

On Friday, May 3rd, Passaic Valley’s Future Health Professionals Club (FMPC) hosted its annual Spring Blood Drive in the Farrell Gym in collaboration with the New York Blood Center. This event sparked an opportunity for students and staff to donate their blood in hopes to contribute to patients with specific conditions in need of blood transfusions. This year, approximately 130 students volunteered to donate and 103 pints of blood were collected, a record for PV. 

The main goal of the blood drive is to retrieve blood donations for use in transfusions through community hospitals. “I feel that if students learn to be a blood donor earlier in their life, its something that they may continue throughout their lives,” Dr. Susanne Iobst, Club Advisor for the Future Health Professionals club, remarked. “Understanding the significance of blood donation in our community is also what I believe makes this blood drive more of a success.” 

As time is a limiting factor for the number of donors, the new location for the Blood Drive made it easier to transport more equipment. This may have been a factor in the increase in donations. The members of the FMPC were delighted to hear that they have exceeded their goals for the Spring Drive. “I think overall, that it is great for students to donate, because they would be saving a tremendous number of lives,” Treasurer of FMPC, Nada Omran ’19, announced. 

Most students who donate blood are often anxious, but after realizing how their blood can impact the lives of others, a huge amount of stress is taken off their shoulders. “Although, I was a bit nervous beforehand, the nurses would often check up on me and it made me feel safe,” Doha Hamouda ’19 recalled.

With the help of over 50 volunteers in the FMPC, the blood donors seemed to feel secure. The volunteers aided with providing food and water, directing the donors to their next process, and overall accompanying them to make sure they weren’t lightheaded after the process. 

The officers of the FMPC and Dr. Iobst are driven to have even more successful blood drives in the future. “I believe in the future I would like to see one or two more blood drives per year so the majority of students can get involved,” Secretary of FMPC, Anna Hosri ’19 stated. They are determined that through the upcoming years, with advertising, these blood drives will gain more volunteers and donors to help those in the community.


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