So You Got a Low Offer 

By Warren Damiano
Premier Properties the Damiano Group

So, you took all of your agent’s suggestions in preparing your home in the best possible way and have decided on a realistic asking price which may seem low to you, (which is usually does to most sellers) yet someone now has the nerve to offer a price that’s even lower, oh boy, what now! Yes, it even happens in today’s hot real estate market.

First of all, don’t get your back arched and insulted, take a deep breath and remember that this is only the first step in negotiations. The offer may be low, but  this may not be the only or best offer you will get from this buyer. Your agent has likely determined the sincerity and motivation of this prospective buyer and may suggest that some negotiating take place.

Your agent should be experienced at negotiating offers and making suggestions  on what and how to counter and offer. Let them know what you will negotiate on and listen to their advice. It may not be in your best interest to stand firm on some points, but it may in others. That’s where your agent’s experience comes in handy. Most agents are
skilled in reconciling buyer and seller’s differences and often are successful in reaching a deal with which both parties feel satisfied.

Remember a low offer is not really an insult to your home. It’s a buyer trying to negotiate the best deal he can as you would when you become a buyer. The realtor wants both of you to be satisfied with this agreement and will do their best to make this happen.

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