Science Teacher Mrs. Leidig Becomes School Librarian 

Science Teacher Mrs. Leidig Becomes School Librarian 

By: Gabriella Gutierrez ’22

Earlier this November, former Science teacher Mrs. Daria Leidig took over the role of School Librarian. She looks forward to working with both students and staff members to supplement curriculums and enhance learning experiences.

Mrs. Leidig was thrilled to begin in her new position, having completed her Master’s Degree in Education Technology. She was fascinated with how students and teachers could utilize devices to better each other’s understanding of the topics taught in class. “Seeing how you can incorporate technology into a variety of lessons sparked my interest,” Mrs. Leidig said.

A major goal for Mrs. Leidig is to raise money to support the process of renovating and improving the library. Her involvement in the fundraiser began in late November with the Barnes & Noble Book Fair, where a percentage of purchases made under a particular code went towards the library’s funding. 

Mrs. Leidig also plans to meet with all teachers to discuss resources available to enhance each curriculum. Students who take advantage of the services offered by the library credit it with playing a considerable role in their success.

Mrs. Leidig has been teaching for fourteen years in the Science Department. This transition to School Librarian is a significant change that will present new challenges. Her former students believe Mrs. Leidig is just what the library needs as she has demonstrated a willingness to put in an extra effort to benefit student learning throughout her career. “Mrs. Leidig always took the time to make sure we truly understood the lesson,” said Sophia Covello. “She would hold reviews for us in the morning which would help everyone.”

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