PVHS Welcomes Families, Students for Eighth Grade Orientation


Passaic Valley Regional High School recently hosted an orientation for eighth grade students and their parents from Little Falls, Totowa and Woodland Park. The incoming Class of 2023 students received their copy of the 2019-2020 program of studies guide course booklet and heard from facility administration about what to expect.

Joseph Benvenuti, supervisor of athletics, physical education/health and student activities coordinator, noted that the number one message he wanted parents and students to take away from the evening was to get involved.

“We don’t want kids leaving after the school day,” he said. “We want them to stick around. Passaic Valley has over 20 sports and over 30 clubs and we want you to take advantage. There truly is something for everybody.”

Students involved in extra-curricular activities are five times more likely to have an A average, Benvenuti stressed.

Tara Torres, director of student personnel services, detailed to attendees the basic requirement for students to graduate. She also spoke about the number of changes and additions the school will now offer.

For 2019-2020, PV will offer dual enrollment courses through partnerships with a number of state universities. Students can earn college credit while at PV at a fraction of the cost for such courses as Anatomy Honors, Introduction to Law, and Forensic Science. 

A new partnership with William Paterson University offers career certifications offered at the high school campus in Patient Care Technician, Criminal Justice and Computer Science (Python certification).

In addition, students can take Career Programs of Study (CTE) sequences in broadcasting and engineering. It will allow them to receive industry certifications and hands-on opportunities that will give them real world, marketable skills.

The high school has dozens of new elective courses for students starting next year as well that include Cartooning, 3D Design, Digital Imagine, Stage Acting, Culinary Arts I and II, Financial Literacy, Principles of Engineering Design, Web Design, and STEM Explorations. 

PV guidance counselors will be visiting local middle schools later this month to meet with students individually to begin planning for their freshman year.

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