PV Utilizes Social Media to Expand Community Outreach 

PV Utilizes Social Media to Expand Community Outreach 

By: Kassidy Fraser ’22


In recent years, PV has increased its focus on strengthening their social media presence to evolve with advancing technology. The various public relations platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The Valley Echo, and PVTV) now work in concert to disseminate news and information about the things happening in the Hornet world.

Administration sees social media as a crucial aspect of building a positive brand for the school. “I think it is important that people understand what our image is, what we stand for, and a little bit more about the pride and tradition,” says Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo.

The Passaic Valley Communications Team coordinates the messages disseminated through the various platforms at their disposal. Faculty and staff discuss how to promote PV’s success with the school’s content creators from the Valley Echo, PVTV, Yearbook, and social media. Through weekly meetings, the team strategizes what news to cover, how best to cover it, and which medium is most appropriate to cover it. 

PV’s various platforms share news around the community, sports scores and updates, student and faculty successes, and updates for parents on important events. In addition to their media platforms, PV also works with three local print magazines:  Passaic Valley Life, Little Falls Magazine, and OurTownTotowa.

Rae Allex, the Social Media Manager, took over PV’s social media platforms in September 2018. Since her introduction, PV’s social media presence and following greatly increased. 

With more and more people getting their news through their personal devices, “Everyone is on social media,” said Allex. “So the news coming right to their screens is super important.” 

The school promotes their social media through live links to each platform at the bottom of all the emails they send. They also plan to create posters to make more people aware of how to stay connected. They are doing their best to get the word out there to show everyone why PV is an excellent choice for children in the community to attend.


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