Poetry Contest Winners Celebrated at Reading Event

Poetry Contest Winners Celebrated at Reading Event

The Alfred Baumann Library in Woodland Park recently saluted the winners of its annual poetry contest at a reading event. The staff sends its thanks to all those that submitted poems.


Winners in attendance at the event read their poems. All winning poems will be published and bound in a library book. Prizes were awarded for first, second and third place in five categories. The winners are:

Category A (K-2nd) – first place: Victoria Califano, “Flowers;” second place: Angelo Grillo, “I Am Poem;” third place: Alejandro Piedra, “I Am Poem”


Category B (3rd-4th grade) – first place: Isabella Capaci, Brayden McGovern, Gianna Richardson, Laila Renne, “How the Unicorn Lost Its Horn;” second place: Fouad Sada, “Anchor Charts;” third place: Adam Siewior, “Triangle (A Concrete Poem)”


Category C (5th- 6th grade) – first place: Melanie Burgers, “Beaches;” second place: Sophia Pugliese, “My Thoughts;” third place: Emma Jurkic, “A Heart of Gold”


Category D (7th-8th grade) – First place: Haley Franco, “Earth;” second place: Juliette Maldonado, “One Last Goodbye;” third place: Aurora Figueira, “With Open Arms”


Category E (high school to age 18) – first place: Cristal Fuentas, “A Simple Smile;” second place: Michael Giannasio, “I Looked Through My Window to See the Outside World;” third place: Carissa Ostolaza, “For You”


Category F (18 and older) – first place: Lili Pacheco, “Untitled;” second place: Joseph Pugliese, “Ode to Stuffing;” third place: Justin Minnella, “Paranoia”

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