Personalization Always On Sight At Local Eyeglass Shop

Personalization Always On Sight At Local Eyeglass Shop

Personalization Always On Sight At Local Eyeglass Shop


By Cheryl Conway

For each patient he sees, Frank Tomasini, owner and optician of Optics by Frank in Totowa, keeps his eye on personalized service.

“I give all my patients the personalized service,” says Tomasini, original owner since he opened in March 1980. “No two people have the same lifestyle, that’s why it’s important to know which lenses work best for each patient.”

He says, “What I do is give personal service. I will spend hours with patients and make sure they receive the proper care. I also do home service for the patients that can’t come out and I also go to nursing homes.”

With a wide variety of frames and lenses to choose from different designers, Tomasini works with each patient for specialized care and preference.

“Patients pick out frames that they like but not all frames will fit their Rx and that is when I’ll will guide and educate them on why it will not work,” explains.


As a specialist in the profession for more than four decades, Tomasini has the experience and knowledge to provide the best service to his clients. Tomasini has been licensed in the state of New Jersey as an ophthalmic technician and dispenser since 1977.

“Continuing education is an avenue that keeps me abreast of what is new in the optical field along with my sales rep and the optical journals,” says Tomasini.

At Optics By Frank, all eyewear is manufactured on site, making it quite convenient.

“This business is a single location with its own lab which allowed me the ability to manufacture eyewear on premises,” he explains.

Choices on frames and lenses vary and Tomasini makes sure to stay in fashion and up to date on all that he offers.

“Eyeglass frames come in so many different styles that even after being in the industry for over 45 years it still amazes me how they keep changing styles,” he says. “With the advent of new materials frames have become so light weight; there are frames that weigh seven tenths of an ounce (minus lenses) all the way to the fashion frames with Swarovski crystals and everything in between plastic and metal frames from all different colors and styles.”

While fashion is important, so too is the lens one looks through all day long. “The lens selections,” he says, “this is where you are looking threw for 16 to 18 hours a day.”

The most recommended lenses are the clear lenses with anti-reflection, says Tomasini, because they “allow the most light into your eyes and for total clarity.”

Then there are lenses that change in the sun, he says.

“The great news here is that manufactures are promoting lenses that become lighter faster when coming indoors,” he says. “This I believe is a great advantage for all patients that like these lenses.”

For computer screen users, “Blue tech lenses are extremely helpful,” says Tomasini, unlike other lenses that can filter “harmful wavelengths known to be associated with digital eyestrain, headaches and sleeplessness.”

He says, “Polarized sunglass lenses come in handy in high glare situations such as light reflecting off of roads, cars or water.”

New and improved are the free form progressive lenses, which are now replacing the progressive lenses, he says, so “no line bifocals.”

Customers he sees come from near and far.

“Our customer base is from all the surrounding communities and I have patients that become friends stop in when they are in the area to order their new glasses,” he says. “Being in business this many years taking care of children of the parents I was taking care when my business was new.”

Whether the faces are new or familiar, Tomasini’s vision of why he enjoys his profession so much remains clear.

“My enjoyment of being in this business is helping my patients see and all the people that I have met,” and continue to meet.

Optics by Frank is located at 386 Totowa Road,   Totowa. Call 973-956-0001 for more information or visit



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