James Putnam: Denville Council Candidate- Democrat 

James Putnam: Denville Council Candidate- Democrat 


  1. What is your education and volunteer background?

Education – BFA in Fine Arts from Miami University 

MBA in Marketing from Rutgers

Volunteer – Morris County Courts, American Red Cross, Pal Soccer and Baseball, Little League Baseball, Denville Fox Hill Road Playground, Gardner Field Playground, Rockaway River Cleanup, NJ Art Association

  1. why do you choose to run for mayor/council?

After living in Denville for over 37 years, I would like to give back to the community and help plan for the future.


  1. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing Denville today?

As a long-time resident I see the rising costs of living in New Jersey, which are forcing people from Denville as a very imperative issue facing Denville residents. The affordable housing requirement which will affect our community immensely is also an issue. We need to stay ahead of the issue and plan for the future. 


  1. Why did you decide to run now?

  When I moved into Denville in 1972, there were many more Republicans than Democrats. Truth be told I was one of them. However, I see now that we need bi-partisanship on every level of government in order to have appropriate discourse and for everyone to be represented. The current administrators do not represent the population, I am running to be a voice of many residents who don’t feel heard.


  1. What specific skills will you bring to the table if elected/re-elected?

I worked for many years with AT&T and Xerox running projects, solving problems and researching solutions. My experience and expertise in project management and marketing will help the council build consensus and tackle the big challenges ahead of us, while making sure we meet our cost and schedule goals.


  1. What new programs or initiatives would you like to start if elected/reelected?

I would love to provide further opportunities for neighborhood gatherings where the local residents can meet and voice their concerns and discuss solutions. Weekend town halls and providing the information directly to the public are important initiatives that I would like to see enacted if elected. 


I would like to see more evidenced based programs here in town. We should be budgeting so that all departments/entities receive appropriate funds for their needs and there should be more transparency on how our tax dollars are spent.  


  1. What are you passionate about? As a resident, as a parent, as a good neighbor, I am passionate about keeping our streets and sidewalks clean and safe for kids. We should be planning for our children and grandchildren futures, by increasing the walkability in our  community. 


  1. What is the best thing about Denville? We are incredibly blessed to live in Denville where there are so many things to choose from; the schools, recreational areas, parks, the nice downtown area. I am constantly blown away by the volunteerism exhibited by the community. It really is a wonderful place to live.


  1. What are your hobbies/interests? I am an avid gardener, I have played piano for many years so I make sure to practice daily. I also paint landscapes and portraits, I find it cathartic and enjoy recreating beautiful scenes.


  1. What is your professional background? I am semi-retired. I work part time at a school in Randolph. Previously I have 35 years experience in high tech marketing positions with AT&T, Xerox, ADP, and Perkin-Elmer. Midway through my career I decided that I wanted to give back to our children and worked for thirteen years in local schools.


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