Wayne Valley’s class of 2019 Salutatorian is Emily Wang. This accomplished young lady has set the bar high for not only her peers, but other young women in pursuit of a bright future.

In September, Wayne Valley’s Salutatorian will be entering New York University to study biology, with hopes of attending medical school afterwards. Her choice to attend NYU was not without consideration. “I was also looking at attending Rutgers. Although it is cheaper, I believe that the experience of living and studying in New York has several advantages. Practically, studying at NYU will make me more independent and prepared for the real world. The New York environment will also enrich my life with a number of diverse cultures and activities, hopefully blessing me with an endlessly open-minded judgment of the world.”

Wang shares why she has chosen this career field. “I chose Biology with pre-med because I have always been interested in the natural sciences and assisting people through the medical field since I was a child. I would pretend that I was a doctor and my parents were the patients. I just always liked to do that sort of stuff. Now that I’m older, I can recognize that I do enjoy this sort of path in the natural sciences and that I definitely want to go into that career field.”

The Salutatorian has secured a noteworthy list of academic achievements and awards including the AP Scholar with Distinction and earning 3rd place at the 11th district Congressional Art Competition. She has also actively participated in school with the Wayne Valley Peer Leaders, We Act Club, Girls Tennis, Girls Fencing.

Wang brings her enthusiasm and strong work ethic outside of school. She volunteers at Chilton Medical Center and works at Ann University Pediatrics. “At Chilton, I was in the Maternity department. I would bring water to the patients, refill supplies and do administrative work.” At Ann University, this dedicated senior does even more. “I take patients information, including weight and measurements, take phone calls, handle billing and online work.”

This senior also understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and ensures that she enjoys outside social activities with her friends. “I love listening to music, hanging out with my friends and going to concerts.”

Some of Wang’s most memorable experiences that she takes with her were created with the Wayne Valley Girl’s Fencing team. “I just really enjoyed the bonding. We would always have parties after competitions. That helped us to grow, not just as a team, but as friends.”

Miss Wang is born and raised in Wayne, yet proudly enjoys a rich cultural heritage from her parents and siblings who are immigrants from China. This is also seen in her participation in her church, the Chinese Christian Church of New Jersey’s youth group, where Emily has been active since seventh grade. She has since taken on leadership positions to be a role model for younger people.

Wayne Valley’s Salutatorian recognizes the part that her parents and mentors have played in helping to shape her life and guide her along on her journey to success. “My parents and teachers helped me the most this year as I was preparing for college. My biology teacher Ms. Lauren Ahlert made the greatest impact academically in my life. It was the way she taught the class; she was really enthusiastic. Ms. Ahlert made it like a journey. She allowed the students to always ask a lot of questions, which helped me to feel connected to my classmates. She created a community inside the classroom, which caused me to really enjoy the subject. This inspired me to pursue biology in college major.”

The entire Wayne Valley staff and student community as well as all the family and friends of this amazing Salutatorian proudly congratulate and wish all the best to Ms. Wang’s future endeavors.

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