DO YOU HAVE Buyer’s Remorse?

By Warren Damiano
Damiano Realty

Buyer’s Remorse is something purchasers experience right after they have made the commitment and have signed the contract for purchase. Us Realtors are familiar with this reaction sometimes know how to ease the buyer’s fears.

But the seller may not know what’s going on when the documents have all been signed and the buyer suddenly gets a little “weird” and suddenly starts making new demands.

Buying a home can be stressful. It’s right up there on the list of stresses along with marriage, divorce and diaper training. But good agents are skilled at recognizing these doubts and can sometimes can help a buyer with these last minute “jitters”. Sometimes, but not always.

Some of the doubts the buyers may experience are that they’ve paid too much for the house and can’t afford the payments, or they feel the house may need too much work or whether the house is really structurally sound. There are many reasons buyers feel this remorse, I am sure I have heard them all over the years.

The important thing to remember is, don’t worry, This is a common reaction with buyers. Your real estate agent will have a calming effect (if they don’t kill you first). Talk the situation over with your agent before you do anything. Good Agents will find ways of calming you and walking you through the situation and explaining your concerns.


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