Do Slow Golfers Ruin Your Day on the Course?

 Do Slow Golfers Ruin Your Day on the Course?

The average pace of play for a round of northern NJ golf: not very good!

Northern NJ golf courses are known for being overcrowded during peak tee times. And while you can’t control the crowds, there are a number of ways you can ensure that a good pace of play can be part of a great day at the links.

Finding a northern NJ golf course that offers a reasonable and consistent pace of play is critical to finding a club to call home.  Few things can disrupt an otherwise pleasant day of northern NJ golf like a round that meanders past five or six hours. After all, according to the USGA, a round should take just over four hours. Fortunately, golfers have a number of tools and options to take control of their round and quicken their pace of play.

When you play Bowling Green, You Have More Time for Your Family or… MORE GOLF!!!

Pace of play is science, art, and service. Several years ago, the management at Bowling Green Golf Club in Oak Ridge looked at every aspect of speeding up play and organized a program with one goal and one goal only: make golf more enjoyable by eliminating the long waits that are so typical at busy area courses. 

At Bowling Green, everyone, from the head golf professional to the person who mows the grass, is completely committed to a pace of play that’s sensible without feeling hurried. A lot of courses in the area say they are committed to fast play, but only Bowling Green backs it up.  The plan included widening some landing areas, taking out trees, and clearing undergrowth. The course also lengthened tee time intervals to ten minutes (they are typically six minutes at crowded area courses). This means fewer golfers on the course and fewer golfers virtually eliminates delays (and improves conditioning).

At Bowling Green Golf Club, the pace rating for a foursome is 4 hrs. 15 min.
Your place on the golf course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you.

A group is out of position if it:

  • is taking more than the scheduled time to play (see scorecard) and
  • reaches the teeing ground of a par 3 which is clear or;
  • fails to clear the teeing ground of a par 4 before the preceding group clears the putting green or;
  • arrives at the teeing ground of a par 5 when the preceding group is on the putting green.

Golfer Happiness: YES… Golfer Gridlock: NO!!!

Furthermore, course ownership constantly monitors the fast play program and ‘tweaks’ the plan as part of a commitment to improve pace of play even more.  In fact, a GPS tracking system has been installed on each cart that allows the pro shop staff to see where every cart is located and if they are out of position regarding time.  Starters and on-course assistants are completely “on-board” with the program. The starter starts groups at the appropriate time and the on-course assistants tactfully but firmly get slow groups to speed up. Chronically slow golfers will not enjoy Bowling Green – we ask them to leave and give them a refund. All of this helps ensure an enjoyable round for everyone.

If you are fed up with slow play at your course call Bowling Green Golf Club to book a tee time: 973-697-8688 or book a tee time online.


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