Councilman Gary Borowiec: All For Ward Four

Councilman Gary Borowiec: All For Ward Four

By: Melissa A. Kay


Celebrating his 25th year as a proud resident of Denville, Ward 4 Councilman Gary Borowiec (currently serving his second consecutive year in the position) is honored to not only live there, but to devote his passion for the close-knit community by serving its constituents. Borowiec, age 53, has lived in Morris County for his entire life, raised in nearby Pequannock Township.


A Toast To The Town


Borowiec gleefully expresses what makes Denville Township so special to him and why he and his wife of 23 years chose to raise their now college-age son and daughter here. “Denville offers such a wide variety of attractions, from its beautiful lakes to a great historic downtown, along with terrific restaurants and quality shopping experiences – for example, downtown, Route 10, and Route 53. Plus, the town has a fantastic school system. Yet my favorite part of Denville is the ‘small town’ feeling, as well as the ongoing community involvement of its residents.” With such evident and outspoken love for where he lives, it is only a natural fit that Borowiec strives to “help the town continue on its prosperous path,” as he puts it. “Overall,” he explains, “I want to keep Denville not only as the ‘hub,’ but as the ‘premiere’ place to live in Morris County.” By the way things are going, Borowiec’s hopes will indeed become reality. And his 25 years as a Denville resident may just double…or more. 

As Borowiec puts his positive plans in motion, overcoming certain obstacles such as “understanding the continuously-changing rules of COAH (the Council on Affordable Housing),” may be a hiccup, even a hurdle, but they will in no way slow down or sidetrack Borowiec from keeping his firm commitment to his duties to Denville and his desires to move forward to make the community better than it has ever been.


A Bit About Gary Borowiec – His Background, His Business, And More


Borowiec earned his BS in Business Management from New Jersey’s Ramapo College. He has been working as a Financial Advisor since 1989. Borowiec shares, “Today, I am proud to own the financial planning firm of Madison & Main Advisors, which is located on Main Street in Madison. While I hold many professional designations, I specialize in tax efficient savings programs where I help my clients build retirement income plans for their secure retirements. I hope to use my background in finance as a sounding board to help us maintain fiscal responsibility (in Denville). Over the years, I have had the opportunity to serve on several town committees and sports organizations, and since I have always enjoyed building a collaborative team environment, being on the town council has allowed me to do more of the same.” It is this sort of caring and cooperation that makes Borowiec such a tuned-in Councilman, always providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere of sharing and understanding in the effort to achieve the numerous goals that will ultimately benefit Denville and its people. While Denville is important to Borowiec personally, it is his friendly professionalism that gets the job done, and done well. 


It Takes A Village 


His important position as Councilman requires a great deal of community involvement with the various volunteer groups which Borowiec serves on, as well as a strong and steadfast commitment to maintain constant communication with his Ward 4 neighbors. “I take the time to listen to any issues they may have, and then I will discuss these concerns with the members in town hall,” Borowiec explains. When people know their voices are heard and something is being done about it, it creates a sense of unity. Borowiec is the go-to guy for needs both big and small, and his trustworthy nature gives Denville’s community peace of mind that will take matters seriously and swiftly bring them to the attention to those who have the authority to make a difference.

Borowiec is especially pleased with his admirable achievements in having a helping hand in expanding and enhancing local sports fields, improving area parks, and creating future hiking and biking trails in the region. He notes, “I grew up a three-sport athlete and played football while I was in college. When my two children were younger, I had the privilege of coaching several sports teams in town, as well as serving as the Denville Blue Angels President for a number of years. I have always believed that sports can teach children—and adults—invaluable life lessons, from learning how to cope with the ups and downs within a season to celebrating the small and big wins that can be achieved when a team works together toward a common goal. And I truly feel that teamwork is an essential part of success, whether it is in sports, business, or in town administration.” As Councilman, relying on teamwork is essential. Luckily, Borowiec has a history filled with the understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Yes, he goes above and beyond for the community, but realizes he is not the only one who can keep things running smoothly or make changes for the better for Denville. With this sort of mentality, the residents can find a friend as well as a force in Borowiec. Successful teamwork is a two-way street, and Borowiec acknowledges the notion of partnership wholeheartedly. 


A Close Community 


A longtime love for the Denville community is not something only Borowiec possesses. He is truly touched by how the local residents “come together for the good of the community.” His most pleasant surprise? “Many of our neighbors volunteer on most of the town committees, and the work these groups do throughout the year is absolutely amazing.” It is certainly nice to see people come together for common causes, especially when they genuinely want to do it. It is a true testament to the township and those who call Denville their home. With a leader like Borowiec overseeing Denville’s Ward 4 with such grace and grit, the happiness level of the community’s members will only go up. He is as involved as ever in his second year as Ward 4 Councilman, and the buck does not stop here. As wonderful as things are now, there are always new milestones to meet and future ones to generate. After 25 years in Denville, Borowiec can cap off a quarter century with a well-deserved pat on the back. Surely his friends, family, and neighbors feel the same way. 


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