Behind the Scenes of Girls’ Show: Streamed Live Around the World

Behind the Scenes of Girls’ Show: Streamed Live Around the World

By: Kayla Leonard ’20

Every year, Girls’ Show continues to capture its crowd with breathtaking routines and unparalleled skill as the school comes together for a night to remember. Yet, many are unaware of all that goes on behind the scenes and the weeks of preparation by the PVTV crew to broadcast the show internationally. Additionally, the crew has worked diligently to improve its capability to live stream, which has become the definitive way to watch Girls’ Show.

Last year, there were more than 3,000 live streams in eleven countries around the world.

The HD live stream can be viewed through the link on the Passaic Valley Homepage. The show can also be viewed on Cablevision (channel 77) and Verizon Fios (channel 22). However, the PVTV team stresses that the live stream is a far better way to watch if possible. PV’s website has the capability of streaming HD quality video. The local channels, however, do not and the video quality must be degraded in order to air on those outlets. Therefore, the live stream will provide the clearest picture and most accurate display of PVTV’s technical work.

Prior to 2013, Girls’ Show had only been broadcasted through cable TV.

The live stream is a great opportunity for family and friends around the world to watch the talented participants of Girls’ Show perform the routines of a lifetime. For those who cannot make it to the show, PVTV consistently delivers a professional production year after year so those watching from home can share the experience of one sitting in the stands. 

“It’s honestly a very special night for both the girls being able to showcase their talents and for our crew to have the opportunity to experience a live show,” says PVTV Girls’ Show Assistant Director Anna Hosri ’19. “I’m sure that the community appreciates the convenience of a live stream to enjoy the energy of Girls’ Show from anywhere.”

The stream covers the entire event from beginning to end, starting with pre-show packages and concluding with the anticipated raising of the flags after the routines are performed. Exclusive interviews with Girls’ Show advisors, participants, and fans are also included in the stream for viewers to enjoy. 

This year’s Pre-Show is “Into the Void,” and is a student production filmed beforehand. The broadcast will also air the Girls’ Show 2019 Lip Dub, to Little Mix’s hit single “Salute,” featuring all the participants and members of the show. 

Each year, the PVTV team manages to capture various angles of the performances, ensuring the best possible production and Girls’ Show experience for those at home. Six different cameras are situated in the Griswold Gym, one even offering a bird’s-eye view to best display routine formations. 

At the beginning of Girls’ Show week, the PVTV crew starts setting up equipment in the gym for the upcoming Fri. night, although additional preparation begins weeks in advance. 

“It’s the biggest undertaking of the year for PVTV given it’s a 3+ hour live event,” says PVTV advisor Ms. Stephanie Roberts. 

The audio and video crew are given assignments by Mr. Cappello, the AV and TV Productions Club advisor, as the equipment is tested repeatedly. The crew visits a few practices before the show to ensure that every angle of the routine is displayed.

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