Animal Club Visits The Seeing Eye in Moristown

Animal Club Visits The Seeing Eye in Moristown

The Memorial School Animal Club recently visited The Seeing Eye in Morristown. The students learned all of the phases of the training program which the Seeing Eye Dog goes through from birth to graduation. They also learned what life is like in a typical day of a blind person and their dog.


The cost of the entire program from birth to being teamed up with their human partner is $65,000 for one dog, however the person receiving the dog pays only $150 the first time. There is a reduced cost for any dogs which may follow after that, and veterans pay $1. During the lifetime of a blind person, they may need up to seven or eight dogs.


The students then took a tour of the facility where the dogs are trained. No one is permitted to visit the compound in Chester, where the puppies are actually born and kept under a watchful eye until it’s time to go to their puppy-raising family. The Seeing Eye, Inc. was founded in 1929. It is the oldest, and one of the largest, of all the guide dog schools in the U.S. To learn more, go to


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