Accomplished Wrestler Colby Sellitto ’21 Represents PV as an NJSIAA Ambassador

Accomplished Wrestler Colby Sellitto ’21 Represents PV as an NJSIAA Ambassador

By: Raima Islam ’21

Sophomore Colby Sellitto has already managed to make a name for himself in the athletic and academic world. He has an impressive wrestling record and was chosen to be a student ambassador for the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association, all while maintaining his impressive 4.65 GPA.

Sellitto is a two-year varsity letter winner who became a varsity starter as a freshman. Along with wrestling, he participates in cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring. 

This past wrestling season was one of Sellitto’s best yet, racking up 11 total wins. Sellitto had nine wins before entering the post-season and generated a lot of buzz around what his eventual total and future as a wrestler would be. “With the postseason right around the corner, I really look forward to seeing what Colby can do down the stretch,” stated Coach Mr. Joseph Wassel in early February. “He will be a leader for us in years to come due to his experience, work ethic, and commitment to this program, his teammates, and his academics.”

Just this past summer, Sellitto became a Student Ambassador for the NJSIAA. As a student ambassador, he gives a voice to the student athletes of New Jersey. Supervisor of Athletics Mr. Joseph Benvenuti believes Sellitto is a perfect fit for this position. “He is a leader in every way,” stated Benvenuti. “Colby is someone who cares about helping others and makes sure he always acts as a selfless leader.”

He applied during the summer and now represents PV as one of thirty-one ambassadors for the state of New Jersey. The selection surprised Sellitto. “To be honest, I was very shocked I got accepted due to the fact that many kids applied and only thirty-one of us made it from the entire state,” he said. “I really like being an ambassador because we get to discuss sports rules and new ideas for the upcoming seasons and more. Sports is obviously something I truly enjoy, so being a part of a group like this is pretty cool.”

Being a student ambassador is not his only impressive achievement; Sellitto has proven himself to be an excellent student academically. He has earned Superintendent’s Honors for every marking period since freshman year and is currently ranked sixth in the sophomore class. Cross country coach and Algebra II Honors teacher Mr. Brad Ottino notes how exceptional Sellitto is both on the field and in class. “What distinguishes Colby as an athlete is that he sets personal goals for himself and shows an exorbitant drive and discipline to achieve those goals,” claimed Ottino. “As a student, he’s also very driven, and is very conscious of any mistakes. He is determined to get better in sports and in class every day.”

Sellitto’s dreams and ambitions continue to push him. In the future, he hopes to get into a top tier college where he can study medicine to become an orthopedic surgeon. “I constantly remind myself that my hard work pays off,” Sellitto concluded. “Each day, I continue to push my limits in order to reach success.”


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