About Us

We are a group of community monthly publications with all the news and local stories that people want to read about.

Consisting of The Black River News, The Hackettstown News, The Mount Olive News, The Morristown News, The Musconetcong News, The Randolph News, The Mendham News & The Roxbury News. Our network of newspapers are high-quality, family-owned community newspapers who’s publishers are committed to providing local content to our readers and a valuable marketing platform to our advertisers.

Our network of newspapers facilitates the ability to connect our advertisers products and services with our communities residents. Our newspapers are delivered to over 83,000 mailboxes each month delivering great consumer deals, useful local content and cost-effective marketing campaigns for our advertisers.

Local businesses are essential to an economically engaged community. Without our advertisers, our residents will look elsewhere for the products and services they need each day. Our philosophy is simple, use our network to extend your advertising reach in our communities and provide a much needed service to our residents.

One of our editors summed it up well… “We have always found that giving people good local stories with no negatives has been a good formula,”  “Especially during tough times and being bombarded with bad news people like to come home and see some good things that are happening in our communities.”

We will provide advertisers a way to reach thousands of potential customers and give our readers information from throughout the areas. If you would like to submit articles, press releases or story ideas please do so HERE. For advertising call 800-691-7549 or email us HERE.

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