A Touching Send-Off to Three Wonderful Teachers

Three fantastic educators, Dr. Sue Clinton, Mrs. AnnaMarie Dolce, and Mrs. Carmella Monzo, retired from Passaic Valley at the end of the 2018-19 school year. To show their appreciation for their tireless efforts and impact on their personal lives, Brian Katat, Lexie DeLuca, Samiha Allan, and Brooke Berrigan shared heart-warming letters with the Valley Echo addressed to these teachers who will undoubtedly be missed next year.

Dear Dr. Clinton,


It was really sad to hear that you are retiring from PV this year. I’ve always considered you as one of the best teachers I’ve had at school, ever. Yes, I was happy for you being done with work. I believe that you will love Michigan because you will get to watch beautiful birds, and you will be able to read books to your heart’s content. However, I also wondered how the school would be without you. After speaking with you and saying goodbye, I realized it’s going to be virtually impossible to find another English teacher like you. I have nothing but great memories from your class, and I remember you making reading fun. I distinctly remember the film genre project, where I did Action Comedy movies. It was my favorite project from the year because you gave us the choice to do what we want, while learning at the same time. You reached out to what we like as teenagers, and used that to teach us. The rest of the school and I are going to miss you dearly. I hope you enjoy the birds and come back to visit soon!


Brian Katat



Dear Mrs. Monzo,

“It is not the school that makes the person, it is the person that makes the school”.

The amount of hearts saddened to hear that Passaic Valley’s favorite nonna was retiring was countless. There should be no doubt in your mind that you not only fulfilled all your duties as a teacher but exceeded them and left an everlasting impact upon every student you came across. Whether it be an eager Italian student, or one who does not take Italian, everyone was always so anxious to get to know you and experience your liveliness. No matter the day or situation, you taught your class with a positive aura that filled students’ spirits. Not only did you immerse students into the Italian language, but taught them tradition, culture and essence as if your class took place in Italia itself. I will forever be grateful for the exposure you gave me to the Italian lifestyle. Further than this, you taught life lessons and made your classroom as comfortable as a home living room. Your students never hesitated to come up to you and ask for advice or tell you about their day. Your position is going to be such a hard one to fill, but I hope now you get to sit back, relax, enjoy life, and visit Italy as much as possible. 


                                    Ci vogliamo bene, Lexie


Dear Mrs. Dolce, 

You are a self-less, generous teacher who prides herself with providing the utmost education for all of your students. You teach with great enthusiasm and intense passion that intrigues and inspires us. You raise awareness about the Spanish culture as you explore their traditions and practices with your classes, leaving your students with vast knowledge. Not only do you reach out to us as a teacher, but also as a person, as you always ensure that all of your students are both happy and healthy. Your dedication to PV, however, is not only limited to the classroom. You have also committed yourself to supervising and organizing the Spanish Club; thank you for providing your students with even more opportunities to indulge themselves in the Spanish language. Thank you for going out of your way to take your club members to various field trips and dinners and for constantly giving back to the community by organizing a number of fundraisers and participating in programs that reach out to individuals across the world. From the field trips, to the cultural show, to the adopt a school letters, to the end of the year club dinner, you always put your students first. Your time at PV will forever be cherished by all those who have had the honor to have you as a teacher or the honor to work with you as a colleague. You will be dearly missed next year. 

On behalf of all your students, 

Buena suerte!

Samiha Allan and Brooke Berrigan

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