91-Year-Old Wayne Author Helps People Through Her Books

91-Year-Old Wayne Author Helps People Through Her Books

By Steve Sears

Marjorie Struck, 91-year-old resident of Wayne refers to herself as an “author,” not a “writer”.  She states, “I am not principally a writer, I’m an author. I was told there is a difference.”

Struck has achieved what many aspiring scribes have not achieved: publication; and not just of one book, but two. The first, “Challenging Messages From Beyond,” was published in 2002, and in 2017 “Tell Others” went to print. Both books were published by Golden Quill Press, are being distributed by Ingram Press, and are available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble locations.

Struck noted she is currently thinking of a third book.  “Both of my books are motivational, from personal experiences,” she says.

Struck explains why there was a 15 year gap between her two novels.

“The reason is this,” she says. “The first was an inspirational book, and also included my family. And the result of it, I had never intended to have it distributed, it was basically just for my family. It had to do with the personal experiences, my spiritual journey, and the subject of my family suicide.”

Struck thought the initial book would be an inspiration to her family and others to understand suicide. The second book was a matter of improving her skill.

 “I felt the need to write another book because nobody understood the first book; then I tried to convey that suicide was a disease, but I couldn’t explain it and understand it too well myself.” There have been 10 suicides in Struck’s family history. Four are mentioned in the first book, six more in the later book.

With regard to her spirituality, it came to her from the idea of an open mind as to what she understood as a relationship with God.

“It’s a personal thing with me,” she said. “By the time I was living in N.J., I had at the time of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death…I had visions come to me after his death. So, I’ve been trying to understand that: telepathy, and something as far as receiving messages.  I saw many famous people and saw other people come to me in my mind’s eye.”

Struck then conferred with a professional reader who explained to her that she could see into the spiritual world.

“But it was my own personal experiences and helped me understand my life,” she concludes.

Struck was born in Minnesota. She departed the Midwestern state after she graduated high school in 1944 at age 17. She lived in and was married for the first time in Pennsylvania, and then moved to Wayne. Her first husband died young at age 40 and Struck remarried in 1991. Her second husband passed away in 2015.

 “Those (later) years have been spent in Hawthorne and Wayne, and he was a great guy,” she says. “He made me happy.”

Struck says she feels each new book is a response to the prior one.

“The second book conjures up the next one,” she says. “The response to one book brings up questions; response to one book goes to the next. That’s for me. I’m 91-years-old and I haven’t expected to live this long, and now I’m talking to you,” she says with humor.  Her goal with all her books is to aid others. It’s her gift to life, a gift that comes from the inside of her.

Struck, also a painter, has been creatively inclined since childhood. She writes at night and at home, and using pen and paper she jots her notes, putting it all together in a thought, puts all those thoughts together and gets it all down on paper again.

“I probably do it three or four times,” she says, and then transfers it all over to her computer. She doesn’t write a certain number of pages, nor write for a determined length of time. She’ll name a chapter, outline it in her thoughts, and may have to insert the thought somewhere else later, as with her second book.

“I studied writing with “Women Who Write” which was located in Madison. I was a member before I wrote “Challenging Messages From Beyond,” and we used to meet at Borders and we would get together or meet at different people’s homes. I really enjoyed it. It was brutal in a way because we critiqued each other’s work all the time, and that was the point, to try and make us a better writer or author. I was the only one out of my group, to tell you the truth, who published a book. I had no idea there were so many steps to it, so I kept going, and that’s the reason it got done, with the help and encouragement of my husband at the time. He really encouraged it from the standpoint that he believed that I had the inspiration to do it and I would finish it.” She also credits her 92-year-old sister Lois, still living in Minnesota, who aided her with memories of different things during their childhood.

“Tell Others” emits a specific message says Struck.

“The purpose for writing it is to tell others that depression, addiction, and suicide used to be words that everyone shied away from,” she says. “But modern science and medicine have proven it isn’t so. I want people to know or be enlightened by the fact that depression can be genetic. That’s the purpose of this book.  Depression can be in my family; five generations of suicide; to me genetic depression, which took different directions like addiction and ultimately suicide. If my family or people are aware of this through education, and that and modern science can be used to prevent further generations from suffering the same tragedy, that’s the purpose of my book.”

As she approaches her 92nd birthday, Struck desires one thing: “I would like to have my book reach people. Have the information received that suicide is a disease, a disease like others can be treated and helped too through education, medicine, and research to prevent others from resorting to the desperation of suicide. I know it’s going to happen, because I believe it.”

For more information about Struck and her books, visit her website at www.goldenquillpress.com\tellothers.html.


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