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Sweet Creations By Devon Serves Cakes and Smiles

Mar 01, 2023 05:03PM ● By Evan Wechman

 Devon Blatt of Budd Lake loves both her business and giving back to the community.  She has been the owner of Sweet Creations by Devon for just two years now, but her sweet treats are becoming immensely popular in the area.

She enjoys serving her customers, but relishes helping those in need.  “It comes down to just seeing people’s reactions and all the smiles it brings,” says Blatt.

Though she is constantly doing tricky trays for local schools, her big philanthropy event is referred to as “You’ve Been Caked.”  This occasion, which occurs roughly twice a month has developed quite a following. 

For this event, Blatt receives nominations from her customers of people who are going through a tough time.  She takes the nominations and randomly picks a winner.  She usually gets on the phone with the recipient and finds out their favorite flavors and any allergies.  Then, she whips up and presents that person with a beautiful cake that is sure to please.

For instance, Blatt recalls the time she created a cake for a child who just lost her grandmother.  “She loved unicorns, so I made a rainbow cake and then I went to the store and got her a little unicorn plushie to go with it.  And when I came to the door, she opened the little gift bag, saw the cake and her eyes lit up and gave me a big hug.”

The creation of this business happened accidentally.  Blatt graduated Centenary University in 2021 with a degree in Criminal Justice and Forensics.  Her career options were a bit limited since everyone was isolating due to COVID. 

To help pass the time, she started making cupcakes and posting about them on various community pages.  Blatt says “people would then ask me to make cakes and I’ve always been artsy in that aspect.  I’ve always loved to do things like drawing figures and painting, so the first order I got was for a Fortnite cake so I tried it and it went very well.  I posted the Fortnite cake and then more people asked if I can do this cake or that cake.  It then went from one to two tier cakes and it just kept going from there.  Neighbors would recommend me and now here we are.”

Blatt, who works out of her home where she lives with her parents and grandmother would love to get a storefront locally within a few years.  However, she does enjoy the comforts of home and is grateful for her family’s support.

The business is quickly growing which is unusual for an owner who has no formal training in cooking or baking.  However, she recalls that as a child “I would always be in the kitchen with my grandmother when I was maybe two years old and my mom was at work.  We made cookies and they came right out of the oven and the pan was hot.  My grandmother would say she’s going to the bathroom so don’t touch the cookies.  But when she came back, I had taken all the cookies off the tray.”

This fortunate start in the kitchen at a young age has turned out to be a pleasant surprise for both Blatt and her customers.  She adores the outpouring of support she has received from the residents in the area.  “It’s kind of surreal to me. I’ve done some children’s first birthday cakes and now I’m doing their third birthday cake.  I feel like- Oh my God, he’s three already, and it feels great to see them grow up.”

For more information on Sweet Creations by Devon, find them on Facebook.