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DENTAL DIGEST Snap-On-Smile: How To Achieve An Immediate Smile Makeover

Have you been considering improving your smile, but don’t have the time or money to deal with it at the moment?  Dr. Goldberg has been providing the community with a service known as Snap-On-Smile for years.  They are removable plastic teeth customized to your mouth, and when in place, you can’t tell they aren’t real!

The Snap-On-Smile is made of a resin (plastic) that is thin, flexible, and comfortable.  It fits over your own teeth, like a mouthguard or whitening tray.  It can correct stains, chips, gaps, and missing teeth.  Without a doubt, it can be life-changing.  Dr. Goldberg has made these appliances for people for so many reasons:  their wedding, job interviews, evaluate veneers or cosmetics before actually performing the work, and modeling shoots.

One question people ask regularly is if the Snap On Smile with affect speech, since it fits over your own teeth.  It can, but not always.  Some people require a short adjustment period to get used to having something new in their mouth.  Within 2 weeks, most people adjust without a problem.

Another common question revolves around staining.  The Snap On Smile is quite stain resistant, but over time, it can darken from certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, and soda.  The appliance comes with a cleaning kit, which does a great job for maintenance.

So who isn’t a candidate for Snap On Smile?  The biggest disqualifications are periodontal (gum) disease and decay.  If you have gum disease or multiple cavities, these issues need to be addressed first.  Also, teeth that stick out too far or have severe tilts to them can be problematic.

Cost is also a question Dr. Goldberg and his staff hear often.  Believe it or not, the appliance is approximately the same as a single veneer!

People also ask how long will the appliance last.  This is very difficult to answer, but we have seen them last between 1 and 5 years.

If you have not had a complete examination including a set of dental films, as well as a recent dental cleaning, please don’t expect a dentist to make this appliance for you without attending to these basic needs.  This would be like asking a builder to make you a house without a proper foundation. 

To learn more about the appliance, visit Dr. Goldberg’s website.  You can find photos of actual patients and additional information.  If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for the appliance, please call the office and set up a consultation.



Dr. Goldberg is a general dentist located in the Roxbury Mall in Succasunna, NJ.  He has been providing  dental services to the community for 27 years, including: cleanings, check-ups, whitening, veneers, crowns, root canals, dentures, periodontal (gum) services, dental implants, and much more.  He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Implantology/Implant Dentistry, holds multiple degrees and is recognized as an expert in dental implants.  You can find additional information on his  The office can be reached at: (973) 328-1225 or via email: [email protected]