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Singer-Songwriter Alex Mabey Preparing to Release New Album

Jul 18, 2022 12:52PM ● By Steve Sears

Alex Mabey doing what she loves (courtesy of Alex Mabey)

Alex Mabey responds to the question very definitively when asked if her guitar is her best friend.

“I would say more than that, God is my best friend,” Mabey says. “Because that's who I go to. He gives me the music, and that's the channel. The guitar is, but it's just more of like a tool, and it’s like a companion, but it's not my best companion. But we’ve definitely gone through a lot together.”

It’s been a nice career for Alex Mabey, and quite a road back to where she is today. Mabey, a singer, songwriter, and musician, will soon be unveiling her newest album offering, The Waiting Room, and she’s had help doing it. More in a moment.

Mabey currently lives in Nashville, and she couldn’t have landed in a more appropriate place. “It's the spot that always made sense for me to be in,” Mabey says happily. “Because I was 18 years old when I moved here, and I just wanted to do music. So that's the place where I knew to go, because I loved country music, and I felt like it was more fitting to me for me than being in Los Angeles or New York, per se. So, I came here and I ended up meeting a lot of really close friends and people I stayed in touch with in the business over the years. I was only there for one year to begin with, and then I left. I first went to school at Belmont University, which is the music school here in Nashville, and I was studying music business, because I had already been writing songs and, not to say that I didn't need to major in songwriting, but I felt that I could learn more from learning about the business because that was something I had no idea about.”

Mabey, now 31, left Nashville but continued to make her music, but eventually returned. However, she was to have her obstacles. And after putting a halt to her career to deal with pain, both emotional and physical, she needed to rediscover and be again who she was: a performer. A performer who, through that very pain, which included poor health, a failed young marriage, and many other things that brought her down, wants to inspire and, perhaps most of all, aid others in realizing that there is a hope and a radiant light. “I really just wanted to sit and think about what the experience truly was,” she says. “What was it? Where was I? It wasn't just pain. It wasn't just emotionally and physically with the illness and everything,” Mabey says, exhibiting a deep heart, which is reflected in her prior works, but which you know is again forthcoming in her new material. “I had written all the songs already before I made the name,” she says of the aptly-titled The Waiting Room. “It just felt like the name of the album because of what I've gone through. It's the period of time before you have your answer or your dream come true, or your miracle that you've been praying for and waiting for.”

Mabey is no stranger to hard work in her realm, and has for almost 15 years developed an eager fan base for her music. She previously released Dancin’ in Dirty Feet (2009), Banks of the Sky (2010), Bring Me Back, When I’m Far (2014), and Enough (2017). The before mentioned titles alone give a hint to Mabey’s story and timeline and emotions. The Waiting Room is next up, with new songs being released in August and the fall, and Mabey knows in what direction she’s headed. “I think the whole theme of the album is finding freedom,” she says. And when she decided that she had to do it independently to move forward with her new album, she asked for help via a 39-day, $45,000 Kickstarter campaign. She kicked the campaign off in the fall of 2021, and by December, those who believed in her and her music came through.

Although concentrating now on The Waiting Room release, Mabey is also considering planning a new work as well. “I always am because this has been my life,” she says.

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